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Creating a Plan That Invests in You

Make a Plan and Execute it.

Welcome! We are a financial planning and services firm servicing Connecticut and southern Rhode Island.

Delivering planning and financial services means more to us than an itemized "to-do" list of transactional services. Our goal is to be the only financial services firm you will ever need.

"Our clients are extremely intelligent and one thing they know is what they don't know."

They know they want assistance from a sophisticated professional to help them define, and prioritize their goals to stay on track. They know they need more than an 800 number service center, or automated platform to help them holistically

We follow a formal planning process consistent with the CFP® board governing rules for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PRACTICIONER'S, of which our principal, Brent Eugenides, CFP® is one.

Through implementation of the 8 Wealth Management Issues, we help our clients enjoy total financial wellness, including personal estate planning and retirement, business planning, insurance and investing*.

It means coming to a complete understanding of your goals, developing an appreciation for your lifestyle and following a thoughtful process to help you prioritize those goals into an actionable plan that can be implemented.

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